Mist Eliminators

WindeX Mist Eliminators eliminates not only the smallest water droplets but also protects the ventilation system against heavy rain, seawater and deck cleaning water.


Aluminium or stainless steel

To guarantee a minimum of maintenance and a maximum life span the WindeX Mist Eliminators are made from aluminium or stainless steel.

Almost any size

Deviations from the standard flange dimensions and installation depth are possible. WindeX can manufacture a Mist Eliminator – made to measure – for almost any size. Even the installation of a fire damper is possible.


WindeX’s own team of installers will place the Mist Eliminators professionally for you. But if you wish, you can easily install WindeX Mist Eliminators yourself.

Competitive price

Call +31 (0) 184 61 13 22 for a competitive price for your WindeX Mist Eliminators. Tailor-made for your application. In addition to its Mist Eliminators, WindeX Engineering also offers complete ventilation systems. A combination order offers even more benefits. Please check also the pdf file Mist Eliminators.

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