Marine Type Packaged Units

The WindeX Marine Type Packaged Air Conditioner is widely used on board of seagoing vessels. It is often placed in engine rooms and technical spaces where a high cooling capacity is needed using minimal space. When placing the unit it has to be connected to a box water or seawater connection using a pump and water regulating valve in order to operate.


Stand-alone air conditioner

This stand-alone air conditioner is developed using hermetically sealed scroll compressors with long durability and a high efficiency. With the use of R404A a wide range of water temperatures is possible. Easily operating with seawater temperatures from 100 C to 320 C. Other temperatures are on request. This commonly used refrigerant is available on a global scale.

Unique system

Besides a seawater resistant condenser also the evaporator is very resistant to a salty climate which occurs on sea going vessels. The design also meets a ships motion on rough seas while staying in operation.This makes it a unique system for the harsh conditions found on sea going vessels.

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