Ventilation cowls for onboard ship ventilation

The WindeX WDK ventilation cowls are used for the supply and extraction of air in technical areas on ships. Their clever design with breech prevents seawater and rain from entering the ventilator and ship’s areas. The robust ventilation cowls are available in all sizes and are characterised by minimal maintenance and a long lifespan.


Ventilation cowls design

WindeX manufactures the ventilation cowls in its own manufacturing department according to the range of dimensions requested. Ventilation cowls with a diameter and height of two meters are not uncommon.


The WindeX Ventilation cowls are available in three models:
• Turning hood
• Flap in the pipe
• Hood with manual wheel


Features of the WindeX WDK ventilation cowls:
• Standard model
• Heavily-galvanised model
• Hoods in RVS 304/316 possible
• Special design in combination with WD Axial ventilator series
• Overhang to protect the ventilator and technical areas from water and rain
• All sizes and diameters possible – such as two meters above deck according to classification or trimmed.

Installing ventilation cowls

When designing the WindeX ventilation cowls, we have fully taken into account the demands to ensure simple yet reliable installation. The ventilation cowls can be soldered directly onto the deck or come with a weld flange.


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