About WindeX

The climate specialist.


WindeX international specialist

WindeX Engineering BV is an international company specialised in installing climate control systems.


Takes care of the complete process of development, assemble, installation and maintenance of the installation.

Has own engineers, project managers, cooling technicians and an assemble plant.

Cooperates with world-renowned brands for standard products. WindeX has most of these products and components in stock.

Delivers a one-stop-shopping solution which guarantees short lines, quick solutions and flexibility where needed.

Serves clients in the maritime, housing and utility sectors.

Knows the wishes and demands of clients and the specific product and installing demands.

Has created a range of products that meets the demands of the particular markets.

Offers specific experience in climate control on board of pleasure vessels, sea-going ships or inland shipping.

Produces custom built units for air-conditioning, engine room ventilation, cargo hold ventilation and overpressure units.

Is specialist.

Ready to go for a fantastic climate for work and life?

WindeX takes care for the installation and maintenance and delivers wonderful service we can.